Edmonton-Online.com has been helping Edmontonians for over 7 years establishing their small businesses on the Internet. There are great benefits to having an experienced website designer that knows all the in and outs of how to successfully promote your business online. With cellphones and computer tablets these days, your online business needs to be up-to-date so it can adequately project your business with all the different types of media interfaces now available. Your website will be able to be displayed on all devices. One of the great services we are able to offer our clients is being able to come out to take pictures or videos of anything that you want to display on your website. Edmonton-Online.com will make sure that the you will love the website theme before you commit to purchase it. Don't wait any longer, give us a call. We are laid back, friendly, and desire to meet every expectation you desire from a website geeks like us.

Getting Started

Once we have established what your business is about, we will find the right website layout, types of website pages you need, and then the theme color. After that we will get you your own domain name and set you up on a hosting account. We will then ask for all the text and images needed to fill the website with your personal business details. We can take pictures for you if need be.


We then move on to making your website. One of the first priorities is implementing your business logo. You may already have one or you may need us to make one for you. Once you confirm that your logo is right for you, we will start adding the text and images to your website. If you have any videos, or need us to make a video for you, we can add that to.


Once you have confirmed that you like your new website, that your logo, text, images, and video/s are exactlly how you want them, that the outlay and overall theme is to your liking, then we will consider this project completed. After one year you will be required to pay your own domain and hosting as it is for all website owners. We will help you set that up as well.